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The following is a brief description of the Urantia Book...


The Urantia Book, first published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955,
was authored by celestial beings as a special revelation to our planet, Urantia.

The book's message is that all human beings are one family,
the sons and daughters of one God, the Universal Father.
It instructs on the genesis, history, and destiny of mankind and on our relationship with God.
It also presents a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus,
opening new vistas of time and eternity, and revealing new concepts of Man's ever-ascending adventure
of finding the Universal Father in our friendly and carefully administered universe.

The Urantia Book's view of science, philosophy, and religion is perhaps the clearest
and most concise integration of these subjects available to contemporary man.
There is little question among the over 400,000 people who have purchased, read, and who study the Book:
The Urantia Book has the capacity to make a significant contribution
to the religious and philosophical thinking of all peoples;
it truly has the potential to shape world destiny.

Over and over, people from around the world have discovered
that the Book has profoundly impressed and changed their lives -
inspired and stimulated them to reach new levels of spiritual growth and enhanced living.
While almost every generation produces a number of people who pose as the bearers of a 'new revelation,'
it is surprising that The Urantia Book does not advocate a new organized religion.
Its viewpoint builds upon the religious heritage's of the past and present,
encouraging a personal, living religion based on faith and service to one's fellows.

Where Did The Urantia Book Come From?

In the early 20th century, a physician practicing in Chicago
became the head of a group known as the Contact Commission.
This small group was the focal point for the production of,
and the primary custodian for,
the final text of The Urantia Book.
They were sworn not to disclose details about the transactions
in order to preclude future generations from venerating the participants.
It was considered important that no individual might be exalted
through their association with The Urantia Book.

Because of its revelatory nature, the book stands on its own merit, nature and content.
As the contents of The Urantia Book were being transcribed,
the Urantia Papers were read to, and questions were requested from "The Forum,"
a group that had been meeting regularly for discussions at the doctor's house.
The answers to these questions were then incorporated into the papers.
These early readers formed the first core group of believers in the revelation
and became committed to the mission of bringing the teachings of The Urantia Book to all of mankind.


I've read the book six times.

Cover-to-cover, page-by-page, word-for-word.

6 Times!

I've started reading it for the seventh time.

Each time it's making more and more sense to me, and...

I find myself "in my mind"
rehearsing a guided, intuitional rendering of it's contents to others.

In real life people are impressed that there is such information
though I've personally found that very few have had the tenacity to actually read it
word for word, page by page and from cover to cover.

I am endeavoring to repackage some of it's contents
so that the wisdom and information it reveals can be utilized by those
curious enough to not be limited by traditional thinking.

The Catholic faith was the religion of my youth.
I have since graduated by finding out the truth behind the "gospel" of Jesus.

Jesus came to tell each and every one of us that God is our loving Father/Mother.
That we each have a direct connection to god as our divine parent.
That because of this... we are each of us brothers and sisters.
That in reality we all belong to one big divine happy family.

The Urantia book has dispelled certain myths and mysteries
held sacrosanct by the church of thousands of years
and it's high time that people found out the truth behind the life and crucifixion of Christ.

I offer guided tours through the pages of the Urantia
solely for the purpose of getting you to simply read the book
for yourself.

Sure it's big.

Sure it's intimidating.

But is it oh so very liberating and life sustaining.

I can't imagine having lived on this planet without having read such a book.

I have looked for such a source of truth my whole life
and found it within the pages of the Urantia book.

You are welcome to start your understanding of your impending ascension career
and begin to see the new way Jesus brought to us 2000 years ago.

Open your mind and you open your heart.