What it is and how to do it.

Tithing is a form of saying thank you to the Source
for your spiritual, mental, fiscal and physical nourishment.

Usually, when you receive time, talents and treasures,
you set aside ten percent at the time of reception for showing appreciation.

This ten percent acknowledges the truth, beauty and goodness of the Universe.

Recommended spending of these tithes should be apportioned as follows:
3% for Truth, 3% for Beauty, and 3% for Goodness
with the remaining 1% set aside for accidents of space and time,
for getting old and sustaining accidents or injuries.

The ancient wisdom reveals that acknowledging the Source
opens the windows of heaven
such that you would not have enough room to store it all.

Heaven is the state of becoming more of.
It is a direction of existence, not a place in time or space.

"Opening" the windows of heaven refers to the ability of appreciating what you are already receiving,
through active, physical acknowledgment.

You must discern where you receive your spiritual nourishment. It's not always a church.

It may be your best friend... when they least expect it... because in the past they have nourished you... spiritually.

You may receive spiritual nourishment from your spouse.

Show them gratitude.

"The covenant of Melchizedek with Abraham
represents the great Urantian agreement between divinity and humanity
whereby God agrees to do everything;
man only agrees to believe God's promises and follow his instructions."
Quoted from the bottom of page 1020 Urantia Papers

We must discern what the laws are. What the promises are.

As far as I'm aware these represent 24 of the laws as I have discovered them.

The Law of Gravity:

What goes up… must come down.

“I gravitate!”

The Law of Attraction:

Thoughts become things.

“I Attract!”

The Law of Free Will:

“Your wish is my command!”

“I Wish…!”

The Law of Gratitude:

The final step to alignment for reception.

“I Give Thanks!”

The Law of Forgiveness:

Permission to fail yet still survive.

“I Am For Giving”

The Law of Appreciation:

What so ever is appreciated multiplies.

“I appreciate!”

The Law of Tithing:

Those who have... can give!
To those who have... will more be given.
“I give ten percent to acknowledge the Source to others!”

The Law of Focus:

Magnify or minimize the observed.

“I Focus!”

The Law of Attention:

Monitor your Mind.

“I Observe!”

The Law of Patience:

The Portal from Time into Eternity!

“I condition my space… myself!”

The Law of Peace:

Self-government breeds social service.

“I’m in Bliss!”

The Law of Reproduction:

Every seed reflects the parent seed.

“I replicate!” "Duplicate your efforts!"

The Law of Affirmation:

What ever you say yes to… agrees with you.

“I say, yes! Yes! Yes!”

The Law of Agreement:

What ever you say so, is so, or is becoming so, as you so say.

“I concur!”

The Law of Wisdom:

Prepare for tomorrow… because it soon becomes today.

“I know!”

The Law of Courage:

Boldness commands progress in action.

“I Do!”

The Law of Evolution:

“Become Ye Perfect Even as I Am!”

“I evolve!”

The Law of the ‘I Am…(blank)’

My job is to fill in the blank; everything else is up to God.

“I Am… my I Am’s!”

The Law of Good Will:

“As you bless others... so you are blessed.”

“I Wish Me/You Well!”

The Law of Friendship:

Everything is sweeter and more enjoyable with the presence of a friend.

“I enjoy You!”

The Law of Bliss:

Happiness infects happiness.

“I’m so happy I could just bliss!”

The Law of Love:

Love is in Love with Love!

“I’m In Love With You!”

The Law of Invention:

Necessity is the mother of Creation!

“I bring…stuff into being!”

The Law of Reflection:

The World reflects what I believe it to be.

”I Reflect Stuff!”

Robert Allen said, "Man thinks in secret and it comes to pass... the environment is but his looking glass."

Therefore must we learn how to believe.

The how is a religious artform lost to all except those who have learned to weild this skill for themselves.

If you truly want to learn how... email me.