The Source and Re-Source of the Universe of Universes












Welcome to The Kingdom of Heaven

the Realm Here Now,

the Domain of Belief.

Look around you, I Am everywhere!

Look within you, I Am there too!

Nothing exists without Me!

All else that would exist- does so only because of Me.

There is nothing in existence that cancels Me.

There is nothing inside or outside the void that exists without Me.


Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!

...without judgement...

...without hate...

...without testing...

...without anything...

...within everything...

Simply One...

allowed to realize this isness called reality

within the qualified and unqualified absolute


pulling out of inertness... action... chaos... beauty

and holding it into this form we call - something that matters.


Your Key to this Realm is the Free Will I gave you!

Your Choice!

Your ticket to ride is paid with your attention.

Wake Up!

Welcome to a World you get to help design.
Don't ask me for more help... I already gave you each other.
You have everything you need to build a world where you can live in peace, prosperity, possibilities, probabilities, and all things good.



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